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Restaurant life


Cafe de La Plaza was established in 1975. It is not only the oldest but also the first restaurant created in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico.

In 1982, the Colon family purchased the restaurant & leased it to numerous well known Chefs over the years.

In 2009, Cristina Angelique Colon took over the restaurant at the youthful age of 21 to become the youngest restaurant owner in Palmas del Mar history. The restaurant was run by Cristina as a Caribbean Fusion restaurant for several years.

In 2012, Cristina decided to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney while continuing to run her restaurant.

In 2012, Cristina decided to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney while continuing to run her restaurant.

In 2015, Cristina returned fully to the restaurant life but this time with her Juris Doctor. Inspired by her travels around the world & family’s background in Italian cuisine, Cristina converted the restaurant into a “Ristorante Italiano.” The change comes to no surprise for those who know her father, Michael A. Colon (AKA Papa Colon), who was the owner of Giuseppes Italian restaurant at Casa Bella in Condado in the early 80s. Michael, who is also an attorney & served as President of Palmas del Mar in the 70s, raised Cristina in the industry life molding her into the restaurant owner she is today. Enlightened by the half year Cristina spent abroad living in Rome, mentored by her father, & trained by Martin Acosta the owner of Via Appia in Condado, Cristina put together the most authentic Italian menu that the East Coast of Puerto Rico has to offer.

Love the cozy setting, delicious food and friendly service!

Strong points: Indoor restaurant space · Outdoor dining · Menu tasting · Romantic atmosphere

Myrna Rios


Excelente servicio y extraordinaria comida

Strong points: Indoor restaurant space · Romantic atmosphere · Child-friendly

Zachary Zeta Martínez


It's the best Trattoria in PR

Strong points: Outdoor dining · Child-friendly · Romantic atmosphere · Gourmet food · Delicious dessert · Creative cuisine · Tasting menus · Large portions · Indoor dining space · Excellent food

Tommy Kierce


(939) 286-4123 (Please Call anytime after 5:00pm); Reservations not guaranteed if not confirmed by a member of our staff.